Anthology of the Mugham, vol. 8

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The mugham, the classical music of Azerbaijan, holds pride of place among the oriental music for its beauty, its power of expression and its extraordinary vitality. Although this music is monodic and modal, each musician, whether singer, lute (târ) or bowed lute (kemânche) player, enjoys a great freedom of interpretation which provides its special depth. The mugham offers, at one and the same time, outstanding diversity and unity: the alternance of compositions and semi-improvisations, of free and regular rhythms, of joyful and sombre moods, is balanced by the smoothness with which all these elements are linked together without interruption.
Of the three singers presented in this anthology, Gandab Gulieva certainly possesses the warmest, most sensuous voice; but when the interpretation requires she is capable of sorrowful accents of great intensity.Her form of expression is sensitive, often marked by a deep sensuousness, and demonstrates that this art is not for men only.

- Mugham Chargâh
- Mugham Dilkash


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